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Manufacturer and Exporter of an extensive range of Premium quality Tube Components viz, sleeves, crush tubes, spacers, bushes, shells; Sheet Metal Components/pressings-brackets, shims, washers; CNC turned Machined Parts like special tubes, bars, pins, shafts; Rubber/Polyurethane to Metal Bonded parts
eg. top links and ball joints.


We have a very large capacity to manufacture components using various technologies of metal forming which include tube drawing, machining, welding, plating, design & development. Although automotive is the largest sector of our service, we also cater to sectors like earth moving equipments, power generation, marine and railways.

Product Range

Steel Bushing Metal Sleeves Crush Tubes Spacers

Tube Components

The tubes are drawn in-house. This makes it possible for us to achieve an extensive and unlimited range of sleeves and crush tube sizes. Hence, the customer-specific outcome is achieved.

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Suspension Mounts Shockers Plates Shims Washers

Sheet Metal Components

Harman is today, a market leader, presenting the most superior quality range of Sheet Metal components for use in automobiles, diverse industrial sector’s across the globe..

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Machined Turned Rods Shackle Pins Suspension Bars Threaded Knurled Sleeves Mounting Pins

Machined Parts

We also offer the widest and most comprehensive range of Machined Parts through advanced technology and our extensive facilities for New Part Development.

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Ball Joints Top Links Ends


To ensure high performance of the bonded parts utmost attention is paid to the use of premium quality material and the intricacies of the simplest features of the design provided by our customers.

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YOUR Manufacturing Facility Guarantees YOU…

Defect QA Approach

0% Defect QA Approach

Enhanced Finish

Enhanced Finish

Custom Parts delivered in Days

Custom Parts delivered in Days

OE Quality

OE quality

Mature Service Offerings

Mature service offerings

Complex Geometrics

Complex Geometries Met CNC, VMC & High Speed Threading (Internal & External)

Shipping Options- Air/ Sea, Door to Door FOB, CIF

Shipping Options- Air / Sea, Door to Door FOB, CIF

Tight Tolerances Qualified

Tight Tolerances Qualified

International Packaging Standards

International Packaging Standards

New Launch


In Polyurethane

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Presented by Engineering Export Promotion Council of India , Ministry of Commerce and Industry , Government of India.

Certifications and Accreditations

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Over the years we have discovered our own trait and the secret of the everlasting relationship with all our customers. It’s actually, keeping their needs first.”

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06 Help you to innovate

07 Give your brand a competitive edge

Fast Moving Parts

CNC Turned Tubes Protector Sleeves Crushes TubesCNC Turned Tubes / Shells

Mounting Plates Suspension Shock AbsorbersMounting Plates

Stainless Steel/Aluminium Crush Tubes Bushes Sleeves Steel Tubes Metal Bushing Inserts Stainless steel/Aluminum Crush Tubes

Polyurethane Drop Links/ Ball JointsPolyurethane Drop Links/ Ball Joints

Suspension Mounting Brackets AssemblesSuspension Mounting Brackets

Shims and Washers Metal SuspensionShims and Washers

Links Pins Rods Mount PinsLink Pins/Rods

Shackle PinsShackle Pins

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